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Personal Injury Attorney in Ruston and New Orleans

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The Burrell Firm LLC pride ourselves in providing representation in the areas of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Traffic Ticket matters. You can view the different subcategories to see if your case would fall into one of our specific practice areas.

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Drunk Driving Lawyer Metairie

A criminal defense attorney serves a key role in safeguarding the rights of the defendant in the criminal justice system. They make sure their clients receive a fair and speedy trial, as provided by the fundamental protections outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Burrell Firm LLC counsels each client through all stages of the proceedings, so they can make informed decisions and fully contribute to building their defense strategy. With a focus on drunk driving law, The Burrell Firm LLC is dedicated to defending those accused or arrested of a drunk driving offense through the Metairie area.

When you hire The Burrell Firm LLC you can give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a qualified attorney is doing everything possible for your defense. The Burrell Firm LLC has a strong focus on drunk driving cases and working closely with each client. For many years, The Burrell Firm LLC has been the reliable and honest legal representation Metairie clients have depended on.

For the many years, The Burrell Firm LLC has been representing clients all throughout the Metairie area with their drunk driving cases. The Burrell Firm LLC is just a phone call away from guiding you on the right track to get you the best possible result. As an ethical and compassionate law firm, The Burrell Firm LLC continues to attain a sound reputation.

The Burrell Firm LLC understands the anguish and stress that a person charged or accused with a drunk driving experiences. That is why the firm delivers individualized attention and care to Metairie clients. Call (504) 533-0006 to schedule a free initial consultation with no-obligation.

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