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$275,000 for a red light dispute crash


A New Orleans personal injury Plaintiff who was t-boned in […]

$390,000 back and neck injuries and insomnia


Plaintiff who treated for back and back injuries as a result of an 18 wheeler crash was able to secure a settlement of $390,000.

$65,000 for back injury


Plaintiff who treated very sporadically was able to secure a settlement of $65,000 for her back injuries when she was a guest passenger in a Lyft vehicle that was run into by another driver.

$135,000 back injury


Plaintiff retained another local advertising firm and was offered $7,950 to settle. She dropped the other law firm and retained our firm and we settled for $135,000

$63,000 Knee Injury


Plaintiff suffered neck and back injuries that subsided within months after the accident but continue to have knee pain eight months post accident.

$70,000 neck and back


Plaintiff suffered back and neck injuries, though only initially reported neck pain. Plaintiff settled after 5 months and less than $5,000 in medical bills.

$90,000 knee


Plaintiff who suffered a knee injury after an 18 wheeler accident was recommended to undergo a arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus though refused to undergo the same.

$415,000 back and knee


Plaintiff who suffered neck, back and knee injuries, undergoing a knee surgery and four injection procedures.

$110,000 knee surgery


Plaintiff who suffered a knee injury and underwent successful knee surgery.

$115,000 back neck hip


Plaintiff who suffered neck, back and hip injuries only undergoing two injections

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