Office Manager

AC Burrell

AC Burrell

Keeping Operations Smooth and Efficient

AC Burrell, the powerhouse Office Manager at The Burrell Firm, is a man of many talents and unmatched dedication. Despite his primary role being that of the Office Manager, AC has gracefully embraced the responsibilities of a “case manager” too, managing half of the firm’s caseload right from intake through to settlement. His ability to multitask and efficiently handle the myriad of tasks that come his way is commendable.

An alumnus of Xavier University of New Orleans, AC has brought to the firm over 30 years of experience from his tenure at both Xavier University and University of New Orleans. As a former Associate Director of Computer Systems, he was the linchpin for students seeking financial aid guidance. His unparalleled ability to manage hefty workloads and consistently deliver results speaks volumes about his dedication.

It’s not just his educational background that makes AC a standout in his role. Known for his tireless work ethic, it’s no surprise to find AC working at the wee hours of 5 am or wrapping things up late into the night at 9 pm. His motto is clear: if there’s work to be done, AC will do it. This commitment has been instrumental in steering the firm towards the path of uncompromising justice for its clients.

Beyond his professional prowess, AC’s personal connection to the legal field is profound. Inspired by his sons, Allen and Dwayne, AC’s foray into law is a testament to his deep-seated belief in family and legacy. He mirrors the passion his sons bring to the legal arena, and though he embarked on this journey later in his career, he has seamlessly integrated his skills to champion the Burrell name.

Outside of work, AC’s zest for life is palpable. A sports enthusiast, he follows everything from Tennis to the WNBA with fervor. His love for life extends beyond sports too; he is often spotted cruising with his wife, indulging in their shared love for travel and adventure, often multiple times a year. In essence, AC Burrell embodies dedication, family, and a zest for life, making him not just an invaluable asset to The Burrell Firm but also a pillar of strength and inspiration for all.
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