Pre-Litigation Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Jessica Broussard

Jessica Broussard

Seasoned Paralegal in New Orleans

While Jessica Broussard may carry the title of “Paralegal” at The Burrell Firm, in reality, her role encompasses far more. Acting as a case manager, Jessica effortlessly manages half the caseload within the firm, guiding cases from their intake right through to settlement. With her meticulous attention to detail, she has been instrumental in the litigation of car crash cases. Working in tandem with attorneys Dwayne Burrell and Allen Burrell, she ensures that each case progresses efficiently while meeting all its milestones.

Furthermore, as a client liaison alongside AC Burrell, Jessica’s role is pivotal in ensuring that clients are well-serviced, addressing their needs and concerns promptly. While she may not have formal certifications, Jessica is a self-starter, often surpassing conventional training materials and taking the initiative to learn, ensuring she always remains ahead of the curve.

Interestingly, Jessica’s entry into the legal field was non-traditional. Originally from a massage therapy background, she possesses a deep understanding of the nuances of client care and their journey to recovery. Her decision to transition into law has proven to be serendipitous, both for her and for The Burrell Firm, as her unique perspective and commitment to client well-being have been invaluable.

Outside of her professional life, Jessica possesses a keen eye for beauty, which she expresses through her love for photography. Capturing moments and framing memories, her photography mirrors her professional attention to detail, ensuring that nothing is ever overlooked.

From nurturing clients back to health in her previous career to now guiding them through their legal journeys, Jessica Broussard has showcased an unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction at every turn.

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