Unmasking Louisiana’s Crash Statistics for 2021: A Year of Unsettling Trends

As we moved past the global upheaval of 2020, one might have expected a decline in car crashes in 2021...

3 Things to Know About Louisiana Insurance Requirements

CHOOSING THE BEST INSURANCE COVERAGE Despite rates of uninsured motorists decreasing over the last ten years, many drivers still choose...

Why Holidays Increase Your Risk of Fatal Collisions

THE DEADLIEST DAYS OF THE YEAR Holidays are beloved by people around the country because you finally get to spend...

Driving in Louisiana: How to Avoid Car Wrecks

Reliable Attorney Near Me in New Orleans, LA

If you've been searching for a reliable attorney near you in New Orleans, LA, look no further than The Burrell...

How is Fault Determined in Car Accidents?

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