Louisiana’s Crash Statistics for 2022: Unchanged Landscape Amid Continued Challenges

In 2022, despite hopes for significant improvements in road safety, Louisiana’s crash statistics indicate that old issues persist. The data from The Center for Analytics & Research in Transportation (CART) suggests that the concerning trends noted in previous years have continued.

Injury Crashes

The trend of injury crashes in Louisiana remained largely unchanged from 2021, with Orleans and East Baton Rouge Parishes continuing to record high injury crash rates.

Fatal Crashes

Much like the previous year, East Baton Rouge led the state in fatal crashes in 2022. The number of fatal crashes in Louisiana stayed alarmingly high, highlighting the need for sustained efforts towards road safety.

Contributing Factors in Fatal and Injury Crashes

Chronic issues like speeding, alcohol-impaired driving, and non-compliance with safety measures such as seatbelt and helmet usage continued to be major contributors to fatal and injury crashes in 2022.

Alcohol-Related Crashes

The trend of increasing alcohol-related crashes, unfortunately, persisted in 2022, suggesting a deep-seated problem that requires concerted intervention and public awareness campaigns.

Seatbelt and Motorcycle Helmet Usage

The pattern of safety compliance, or rather the lack thereof, saw little to no improvement in 2022. Fatalities involving victims not wearing safety belts or motorcyclists without helmets remained distressingly high.

Given these patterns, the need for effective road safety measures in Louisiana is clear and urgent. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, The Burrell Firm LLC is ready to help you navigate the legal landscape. Call (504) 475-7578 to schedule a consultation.

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