When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?


Which Cases Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

Any personal injury attorney could tell you that two major reasons why they do their job is to combat negligence and help people through some of their toughest times. It is with these sentiments that law firms work around the clock to help you achieve maximum outcomes for injuries sustained due to another’s wrongdoing.

While, in theory, you can choose to hire any personal injury attorney for cases involving injury or illness caused by another person or company, you’ll often find that most specialize in a specific area. When choosing a personal injury attorney for your specific case, it is useful for you to be aware of which practice areas align with their casework.


General personal injury is more of an umbrella term for the types of cases that one of these attorneys will handle. However, there are dozens of practice areas that one may choose to work within, including:

Regardless of which kind of injury you sustain, as long as it resulted from another’s negligence, you may have a case.

Find the Attorney Who’s Right for You

When choosing to hire a personal injury attorney, you should be open and honest about the circumstances surrounding your incident, and in return, the attorney will let you know if that aligns with their firm. Some may be open to taking cases that are further outside the scope of their practice, while others are more adamant about maintaining definitive specializations.

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