Intake Specialist

Devin Russell

Devin Russell

The First Point of Contact for Legal Excellence

Devin Russell, the firm’s dedicated intake specialist, is the embodiment of efficiency and innovation. His keen attention to detail and organizational skills have been instrumental in leading The Burrell Firm’s seamless transition into a paperless environment. With an unwavering commitment, Devin ensures every client is not only onboarded with precision but also receives the care they rightfully deserve. Under his watchful eye, all firm documents are meticulously managed, with each being linked to the respective client’s digital file.

Since the inception of the firm, Devin has been its backbone. Starting out as the “everything guy,” he has worn many hats, adapting and growing with the needs of the firm. His unique perspective and dedication have contributed significantly to the evolution of the firm’s digital infrastructure, ensuring that operations remain smooth and streamlined.

Outside of his professional achievements, Devin’s motivation runs deep. His commitment to the legal realm is fueled by his profound desire to see his brothers, attorneys Dwayne Burrell and Allen Burrell, reach the pinnacle of success. But Devin’s passion isn’t confined to the four walls of the firm. An ever-curious mind, he thrives on conceptualizing new ideas and finding efficient solutions to problems, making him a budding inventor. When he’s not brainstorming or managing the firm’s intake process, Devin finds solace in the company of his beloved puppies and dogs.

In essence, Devin Russell is not only a linchpin in the firm’s operations but also a beacon of innovation and dedication, constantly pushing boundaries to achieve excellence.

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